Online security.

Protecting your money and the privacy of your data is Banco Montepio's daily mission, but your actions continue to be decisive. Find out more about the most common frauds and the precautions you should take to ensure the security of your account when using the internet.

The most recent cases of fraud.

Net24 or APProva app blocking alert
Beware of emails and SMS alerting you to the blocking of Net24  or the APProva app and asking for immediate action. Never click on links or enter your Montepio24 access details on pages accessed through these messages.
Money requests via Whatsapp
Be alert to scams made through WhatsApp messages or sms, in which the scammer impersonates a son or daughter and asks you to send money urgently. Do not make any transfers without first confirming that it is indeed a family member. 
Fraud phone calls
Beware of scams carried out via WhatsApp messages or SMS, in which the fraudster pretends to be a son or daughter and requests an urgent  money transfer. You are advised not to make any transfer without first confirming that it is indeed a family member.
MBWAY fraud
Whenever you are asked to send or receive money through MBWAY, never share the code generated through the “Withdraw Money” option. With this code, the fraudster will be able to withdraw money from your account. Never disclose your access pin or MBWAY membership SMS code.
Security recommendations
Do not use links to access the website
Always write the full address of the website in your browser. Do not trust emails that have allegedly been sent by Banco Montepio with links to pages asking for your username or password. We never do!
Confirm the address
When accessing the website or Montepio24, always check that the address starts with "https://". Also look for the lock before the address, symbol of the security certificate, and check the reference to Banco Montepio by double-clicking on it.
Set strong passwords
Do not choose basic passwords related to personal information; avoid using the same password across the different accounts and online services you use. Mix letters, numbers and special characters.
Never share SMS codes
Never give third parties the codes sent to you via SMS by the Bank. By doing so, you may be giving access to your account and transaction validation mechanisms.
Be suspicious of notification messages
Be wary of emails and SMS with messages warning that your account or access to the Bank has been blocked and requesting immediate action. Typically, they redirect you to fraudulent pages, with the aim of capturing your login details.
Keep your computer, tablet and smartphone safe
Protect your equipment with access passwords, keep operating systems up to date, use an antivirus and a firewall on your computer and only install official software and apps, as they are guaranteed to be constantly checked against malicious behavior and information theft .

Action to be taken in case of fraud.

In case of fraud or suspected fraud, contact the Bank immediately or visit one of our branches.