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Opening a bank account has never been easier.

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Step by step to open your account online.

Contact details
Contact details
Fill in the contact details to start opening an account.
Personal data and evidence
Personal data and evidence
Provide your personal data and necessary proofs.
Identity validation
Identity validation
Make a video call to verify your identity.
Account activation
Account activation
Receive your new IBAN and start using your account right away.

Alternatively, you can open your account at one of our branches.

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Frequent questions.

Who can open an online account?
To open an online account you must be over 18 years old, hold a Portuguese citizen card and be a permanent resident in Portugal.
What documents are required to open an online account?
You will need to have a valid Portuguese citizen card with you. In addition, you will need to submit proof of address (e.g. electricity, gas or water bill) and proof of profession (e.g. payslip, employer's statement or last IRS return), both with an issue date of less than 3 months.
If I am not eligible to open an account online, how can I open an account?
If you are not eligible to open an account online, you can open your account at a Banco Montepio branch.
How long do I need to open an online account?
On average, the account opening process takes about 20 minutes and can be interrupted and resumed at any time except during the video call. Initiated processes have a period of 30 days to be resumed. For your convenience, the video call can be scheduled for a later time, in order to avoid any waiting times.
Can I start using and operating the account right away?
Yes, at the end of the process, you will immediately receive the IBAN of your new account and you will be able to move it without restrictions after making a first reinforcement. This first reinforcement has to be done through a bank transfer, from a national or international account in the SEPA area. The debit card, and its PIN, will be sent to the address indicated when opening the account within 5 to 7 business days.