Social Economy

The bank of the Social Economy.

The mutualist ideal is at the heart of our origins and the Social Economy is a historical vocation. Corporate social responsibility and social solidarity are part of our mission. If you are part of an institution or a social entrepreneur, you are in the right place. 

Somos o banco da Economia Social.

Social economy, a historical vocation.

Banco Montepio and the social economy have been going hand in hand for a long time. At the bank we think, create, invest and deliver initiatives, services and solutions with added value to the entities that make up the social economy - cooperatives, associations, charities, mutual societies - a true 'constellation of hopes', addressing people's concrete realities and problems. The bank supports institutions that support people: this is the value chain we believe in, and the positive impact we generate and distribute to a society whose return goes far beyond numbers. The reason we are the bank of the social economy is simple: for 179 years we have realised that, together, we can do what individually is most difficult to achieve. Mutual assistance overcomes barriers. 
Somos o banco da Economia Social.

Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, the best of both worlds.

Banco Montepio is on the side of social entrepreneurship, in which we support the best of both worlds: financially sustainable businesses that generate social impact. At the end of the day, we support people and ideas, whose aim is to solve concrete social problems, which threaten people and their rights, for a more sustainable, innovative, fair and inclusive society, and for a better planet. If you are inspired to find creative solutions to change the world, we are with you. 
Somos o banco da Economia Social.

Microcredit, macro ambitions.

Banco Montepio believes and invests in microcredit, supporting people who would not otherwise have access to credit. Thus, people who are unemployed, or in a precarious work regime, or young people looking for their first job, find open doors at Banco Montepio to change their lives, creating their own job and business. The ambition is great: to give an opportunity to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. It's never too late to change.

Now repeat that. 

Somos o banco da Economia Social.

Social investment, pioneers in helping others.

Banco Montepio was a pioneer in social impact investment by investing in one of the first two Social Impact Bonds (TIS) launched in Portugal. As a Social Investor, it has followed the best investment practices in social innovation, together with Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) to boost social investment through eight projects (two Impact Bonds and six Partnerships for Impact), two of the financial instruments of the Portugal Social Innovation Mission Structure (EMPIS), representing innovative responses to society's challenges and combatting social exclusion.


  • Social Impact Bonds (TIS) finance innovative projects aimed at social results and efficiency gains in priority areas of public policy such as: Social Protection, Employment, Health, Justice and Education.
  • Partnerships for Impact (PPI) finance the creation, development or growth of social innovation projects, together with social investors, stimulating impact philanthropy and contributing to a more stable, effective and lasting financing model. 

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