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Bank transfers
Have access to immediate or normal transfers to Portugal or the rest of the world, with the possibility of scheduling them or making them recurrent by using  the SEPA, SWIFT and TARGET systems.
Pagamentos por lote
Batch payments
They allow you to execute several transfer or payment orders in a single one file operation, reducing costs and cumbersome administrative procedures. Ideal for salary payments and card top-ups.
Have access to all payments  required to manage your company, including payments for services, the State, Social Security and TSU.
Ensure payments with suppliers on time, all from Montepio24, thus reducing costs and the administrative burden of the entire process.
Conheça a nossa oferta de serviços de pagamentos que facilitam o dia a dia da sua empresa.

Unlimited bank transfers.

Discover the Net Global service, which gives you access to an unlimited set of bank transfers (SEPA and between Banco Montepio accounts) on the Montepio24 web and app, for a single monthly charge of 11.23 euros.

SEPA - File Creation.

Download the file creation application that allows you to make your payments in batches.

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