Cookies Policy.

Find out how we use cookies to improve the performance of our websites and your user experience.

As part of its activity, Caixa Económica Montepio Geral – Caixa Económica Bancária, S.A., hereinafter referred to as “Banco Montepio” collects information about its customers through the use of cookies on its websites, in order to provide a personalised service and allow for better navigation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that are placed on your electronic equipment and that can perform various functions, including saving user preferences for certain types of information or storing information relating to your visit to this website and whose main objective is recognition of the user ion every website visit and respective configuration parameters and the consequent establishment of secure and private sessions, as well as the proper prevention of any attempt at unauthorised access and adequate data protection under the legally required terms.


The use of cookies on the internet is common and does not harm users' computers and other electronic web access equipment.


What are the functions of cookies?

Cookies perform several functions, namely helping website content management and updating area to understand in greater depth how it is used, facilitating navigation, saving your preferences and, in general, improving your browsing user experience,, also serving to ensure that websites present relevant content to you. They are therefore instruments for continuous improvement of the user experience.


Why do we use cookies?

anco Montepio uses temporary cookies to maximise the security of its services and to ensure the optimised provision of online services.


Several services and functionalities present on the Banco Montepio website require the "cookies enable" options to be activated on the browsers of the users' computers and equipment.


These options, in addition to allowing secure sessions, also guarantee complementary mechanisms necessary to protect user data, namely in the home and mobile banking services of the multichannel platform MONTEPIO24 PARTICULARES – NET24 and NETMÓVEL24 – and MONTEPIO24 EMPRESAS – NET24 EMPRESAS and NETMOVEL24 COMPANIES.


These services use cookies to guarantee the registration and authentication of user data, respective configuration parameters and finally to ensure proper prevention against any unauthorised access attempt. In this sense, activating the "cookies enable" option in the browser is a requirement for operation and adequate security and protection of user data.


See here aqui detailed information regarding the purposes of our cookies.


What types of cookies do we use?

There are different types of cookies with different ways of performing and purposes when browsing the internet. For complete clarification, we present the existing categories that you can check in your browser:


- Strictly necessary cookies:

These are essential cookies because they ensure navigation on the website and the use of its features, such as accessing secure areas of websites or e-commerce features.


- Performance cookies:

These cookies collect information about the overall use of websites, for example, which pages have the highest volume of visits or whether you receive error messages. They do not collect user identification information. All information collected is completely anonymous and only serves the purpose of optimising website navigation.


- Functional cookies:

These cookies allow websites to remember information about the choices made by the user, such as the username, language, region from which the user accesses, and personalisation by the user of the website's browsing experience.


- Targeting cookies:

These cookies collect information about the user's browser usage habits, recording website usage. They are used to support the carrying out of more targeted marketing and communication actions, without collecting personally identifiable information from the user. They do allow the distinction and identification of individual usage preferences or to store a code that allows a set of usage habits or preferences to be translated.


What happens if I disable the cookies option in the browser?

The most recent browsers offer the option to accept or decline the recording of cookies. This is a global setting applied to all websites you access. If you disable the option to record cookies in your browser, you will no longer accept cookies from the websites you visit.


How to disable or enable cookies?

At any time, the User can configure their preferences regarding cookies used on websites and applications that are not strictly necessary at any time, byusing the tool available here..

Additionally, most browsers allow control over the cookies stored on devices, as well as their immediate deletion, if the User wishes to stop allowing the local storage of cookies.

To manage the use of cookies in your internet browser, follow these steps:

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox


The User must, however, be aware that when deactivating cookies through the browser settings they may not have access to certain features of the website and applications, as the settings panel of most modern browsers does not offer a level of detail that allows Users to disable all cookies that are not strictly necessary to enable the use of the websites they visit.


Cookie Policy Update

Banco Montepio reserves the right, at any time, to make changes to this Cookies Policy, with these changes being duly publicised on the various Channels.


Last updated: July 14, 2021