Loan agreements non-compliance.

Banco Montepio promotes permanent monitoring of customers with credit contracts, in order to identify potential situations of degradation of their financial capacity and avoid or regularise default situations.  Study the procedures in force and coverage schemes for defaulting customers.

Risk of excessive debt risks
Loan installments constitute regular charges to the family budget of bank customers. It is essential that bank customers consider in advance whether they have the financial capacity to ensure payment of the installments arising from the loans they intend to take out. For more information on family budget management, consult the "Todos Contam" portal, at
Risk of default

Failure to fulfill loan liabilities occurs when the bank customer does not pay an installment of the loan agreement they have signed for on the due date.


Customers with default loans are subject to penalties and their assets may be seized.


Bank customers must take a preventive attitude, anticipating a possible situation of default. If you anticipate difficulties in paying your charges, you should promptly alert the lending institution.


If a bank customer reports that they are having difficulties paying their charges, the lending institution is obliged, under Decree-Law no. 227/2012, of October 25, to assess their risk of default. The lending institution must propose solutions to avoid a breach of the loan agreement, whenever feasible.


To inform Banco Montepio of any difficulties in paying your charges, you can visit one of our branches or call +351 217 241 635 (personalised support from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., call rate charged per national fixed network).

PERSI - Out-of-Court Procedure for Settlement of Defaults

PERSI - Out-of-Court Procedure for Settlement of Defaults, created by Decree-Law no. 227/2012, of October 25, aims to promote regularisation of default situations through negotiated solutions between the bank customer and the lending institution.


Lending institutions are obliged to integrate default loans into PERSI between the 31st and 60th day after default. Lending institutions are also obliged to initiate PERSI as soon as an installment is not paid, in cases where the bank customer has informed of the risk of default.


Bank customers with loans in default can request immediate integration of that credit into PERSI at any time.


Within 5 days following the start of PERSI, bank customers will be informed of this fact, as well as their rights and duties within the scope of this procedure.

Extraordinary coverage for customers with mortgage loan agreements in default

Customers with loans relating to their own permanent home who are in default and in a particularly vulnerable situation can request access to the extraordinary scheme from the lending institution, as long as they meet the legally established requirements. This regime, aimed at protecting mortgage loan debtors in very difficult economic situations, was approved by Law no. 58/2012, of November 9, and will be in force until December 31, 2015, with the possibility of extension.


Under this regime, the lending institution is obliged to propose a debt restructuring plan to the bank customer, if viable. In exceptional situations, the lending institution must propose solutions that lead to partial or total extinction of the debt.

Bank customer support network (RACE)

Bank customers with loans at risk of default or late in paying their installments can obtain information, advice and support from the extrajudicial bank customer support network, free of charge.


RACE  comprises entities qualified and recognised by the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs. For more information about the support network, see the "Consumer Portal" at

More information?

For more information on non-compliance of loan agreements, visit one of our Branches or call +351 217 241 635 (personalised support from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., call rate charged per national fixed network), the Bank Customer Portal, at, and the "Todos Contam" portal, at