We are sustainability. 'There is no green, without blue and yellow'.

Here is the Manifesto that tells the story of a bank that – humbly – gives meaning to the word sustainability long before sustainability was.

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Almost two centuries of service to the community, representing increased social responsibilities in terms of sustainable development. Our commitment towards each person, families, communities, companies and entities in the social and solidarity economy is renewed daily, supported by activities that follow the standards and conduct based on our fundamental values.  

Somos sustentabilidade. ‘Não há verde, sem azul e amarelo’.

Being sustainable is 5 Stars.

Banco Montepio was awarded the title Five Stars 2023, in the Banking – Sustainability category, recording an overall satisfaction of 80.1%, as a result of an evaluation system applied to consumers with an affinity for the theme of Sustainability, concept tests for customers and employees, and market research for the brand. 4This Prize is the sole responsibility of the entity that awarded it.

Our purpose.

Throughout our history, we have invested heavily in the social economy, with a return that goes beyond numbers. Tomorrow will be no different. We will continue to be the country's mutualist inspiration bank and maintain our commitment to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Our fingerprint on the future.

We created the ‘Sustainable Principle’ label to identify our initiatives, products and services. Its  internal or external impact contributes to at least one of the dimensions of sustainability – social, economic and environmental.

Green Label – Environmental
Green Label – Environmental
Green is the colour of living nature. It is associated with growth, renewal and fullness. It is also associated with ecological and environmental conservation movements, representing freedom and hope for a better world and future.
Yellow Label – Social
Yellow Label – Social
Yellow is linked to prosperity. It is associated with our social genesis, with a heritage of almost two centuries of service to the community,  resulting in increased social responsibilities and in terms of sustainable development.
Blue Label – Governance
Blue Label – Governance
It marks a commitment to adopting best international practices and ethical standards.

Our publications.

Find out in greater detail about our commitment and performance through our annual reports.

Banco Montepio's Sustainability Reports

We are sustainability.