I think, therefore I invest.

Different forms of investment for those looking to diversify their savings and potentially obtain higher returns.

Investment funds
Investment funds
Explore global and thematic investment opportunities through funds that invest in different types of assets or in the real estate sector. Ideal for those looking to ensure greater diversification with assets managed by professionals.
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Shares, EFT´s and Futures
Stocks, EFT's and Futures
Access to the main stock exchanges and world markets, for those seeking for potentially higher returns and willing to take on greater capital risk. Online investment made possible through Montepio Trader GO.
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Possibility of investing in corporate bonds through public subscription offers and public sales offers, for those seeking for periodic income at a fixed and previously defined rate.
Diferentes formas de investimento para quem procura diversificar a sua poupança e obter potenciais retornos mais elevados.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

When selecting financial assets to define an investment portfolio, consider two factors: the desired profitability and the level of risk you are willing to take. This is where the rule of diversification makes the most sense. By diversifying the portfolio with a mix of various asset classes, geographies, sectors, or currencies, you limit the negative impact that a single asset can have on the overall portfolio.

Conscious and responsible investment.

Familiarise yourself with the key concepts and main rules that regulate the commercialisation of investment products at Banco Montepio.

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