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The fixed rate is (even) better.

We have lowered the fixed rate for 2 years. And not only that.

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The triple-recognised Mortgage Loan has become even better.

For Banco Montepio it is not, and never will be, just about prizes. Being the bank chosen by customers and non-customers - independently - as the bank to buy a house, is about well-being, happiness and a relationship that often starts early and can be lifelong.

Escolha do Consumidor 2024 by ConsumerChoice.

For the 3rd consecutive time, Banco Montepio is the "Marca nº 1 na Escolha do Consumidor 2024" ("Consumer's Choice No. 1 Brand 2024") in the Mortgage Loan category.


This distinction was awarded by ConsumerChoice, which evaluated 12 banking brands and engaged 1,755 consumers.

Cinco Estrelas 2024 by Five Stars Consulting.

The Mortgage Loan from Banco Montepio was also distinguished with "Prémio Cinco Estrelas 2024" ("Five Stars Award 2024").


This recognition was awarded by Five Stars Consulting, the entity that implemented the Five Stars methodology, which involved the evaluation of 7 banking brands and engaged 1,922 consumers between April and September 2023.

Escolha Acertada 2023 by DECO PROTeste.

The Mortgage Loan from Banco Montepio was distinguished by DECO PROTeste with two "Escolha Acertada" ("Wise Choice") seals.


According to DECO PROTeste, Banco Montepio's Mortgage Loan offering has the best Price-Quality ratio, both with or without optional associated sales.

We want you to have the best experience.

Simulate, and we take care of everything else.

We're by your side.

Temporary fixation of the mortgage installment
Measures to mitigate the impact of mortgages' interest rate rise (Decree-Law No. 91/2023) (Portuguese version).
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Interest rate subsidy on mortgages
Measures to mitigate the impact of mortgages' interest rate rise (Decree-Law No. 20-B/2023) (Portuguese version).
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Mortgage renegotiation
Measures to mitigate the impact of mortgages' interest rate rise (Decree-Law No. 80-A/2022) (Portuguese version).
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Penalty-free early redemption of savings plans
Until 31 December 2023, customers may redeem their retirements and education savings plans early, without penalty.
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