Don't lose track of your allowance.

Discover the app that allows you to check the balances and movements of your prepaid cards, including the Menu card and the children's allowance card.

Download the pre-paid APP now.

And always have the balance on your card handy.

Start using the Pre-paid App step by step

Instalar a app
Install the app
Access the application store and download the app for free. 
Fazer o registo
Follow the instructions and complete the various registration steps.
Fazer login
Enter your Montepio24 access details or create a user.
Adicionar os cartões
Add your cards
Choose the cards you want to check in the app and complete the subscription.
Descubra a app que lhe permite consultar os saldos e movimentos dos seus cartões pré-pagos

One app, all cards.

In  the APPré-pago you can add all your prepaid cards in a single record, including the Menu card. The app is available to holders of Banco Montepio prepaid cards, regardless of whether they have an account with the bank or not.

For security reasons, subscription to APPré-pago by users who are not members of the Montepio24 service involves collecting a subscription code from a Chave24 ATM, available at Banco Montepio branches, using the prepaid card. For more information about membership, please contact us.

Don't get stuck because you don't know your balance.

Download the pre-paid App (APPré-pago) now and always have the balance on your card at hand.

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