Alternative conflict resolution.

In the event of a consumer dispute, Banco Montepio ensures that its customers can use alternative dispute resolution methods. Discover the Arbitration Centers you can use.

Alternative conflict resolution entities

Banco Montepio is a member of the following Conflict Arbitration Centers (which are part of the Consumer Arbitration Network):


•  CACCL – Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center


•  CICAP – Porto Consumer Information and Arbitration Center


•  CAUCP – Arbitration Center of the Portuguese Catholic University


In the case of cross-border consumer disputes with a value lower than the jurisdiction of the first instance court (with the exception of mortgage credit and consumer credit, which do not have any value limit), you may appeal to the Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center of Lisbon (CACCL), which is part of the network of national bodies competent to resolve extrajudicial consumer complaints in the field of financial services (FIN-NET Network). The use of other entities participating in the FIN-NET network depends on the prior agreement of Banco Montepio.

Disputes eligible for alternative resolution in Arbitration Centers

The use of alternative dispute resolution means, through the entities identified above, is available when disputes relating to: 


  • -Provision of payment services; 

  • -Issuance of electronic money; 

  • -Mortgage credit granted under Decree-Law no. 74-A/2017, of 23 June; 

  • -Consumer credit granted under Decree-Law no. 133/2009, of 2 June; 

  • -Provision of payment account change services; 

  • -Rights and duties established in the Legal Regime of Minimum Banking Services; 

  • -Marketing and provision of services associated with financial instruments, retail investment products and insurance-based investment products; 

  • -Marketing of insurance and pension funds. 

Alternative means

In addition to the previously mentioned means, customers can also submit complaints through the following means:


Using the form available on the Bank's website


At any Banco Montepio branch


By telephone, on +351 217 241 635 (personalised support from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., call made and charged to national landline network)


In the Complaints Book, available at any Bank branch or via the electronic version


By letter or email addressed to the Customer and Quality Office (Rua Castilho, n.º 5 - Piso 3 (Sala 12), 1250-066 Lisboa |


Directly to the Supervisory Authorities: Banco de Portugal (Post Office 2240, 1106-001 Lisboa, or via the website, CMVM (Rua Laura Alves, n.º 4, 1064-003 Lisboa, or via the website; Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority (Avenida da República, n.º 76, 1600-205 Lisboa, or via the website


Without prejudice to what is legally established regarding the Complaints Book, Banco Montepio provides a service that analyses customer complaints whenever they consider that there has been any irregularity in the protection of their interests or failure to comply with obligations on the part of the Bank.

More information?

You can obtain additional information about Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities (RAL) from the competent national authority (Directorate-General for Consumers), on the Consumer Portal  Portal do Consumidor.